Adoption Steps

pig face Adoption Steps
Below are the steps involved in our Teacup Pig Adoption Process. Please review and understand them before making final a decision about adoption. If you have any questions, please first complete our  “no obligation” pre-adoption form.

  1. Once Teacup Pigs for Sale receives your adoption questionnaire, we will review it and insure your a good candidate to adopt a new micro mini piglet.  Upon approval, we will send you a letter of approval.
  2. You may contact us after approval and start the adoption process, or we may give you a call the same day you get approval of your pre-adoption questionnaire. When calling us, or receiving a call from us you can ask any additional questions about our miniature pigs or get additional information about our micro pigs.
  3. If your pre-adoption questionnaire form has already been approved, and you have already chosen a micro mini piglet from our website that you would like to adopt, please contact us right away (at (855) 887-7931) so we can get you the adoption paperwork before your micro mini is adopted by another potential parent.
  4. Shipping is free within the Continental United States to any major airport that services Continental Pet Safe. Delta is currently $100 more if your airport does not use Continental Petsafe.  We do ship piglets overseas to specific countries that allow the importation of  live animals.  If your outside the U.S. (excluding Canada)  please verify that live animals can imported into your Country of Residence.
  5. The cost of our piglets vary by many factors including size, weight, coloring and of course piglets left intact for breeding purposes will be significantly more expensive.  Nano and Pocket Nano Micro Minis, are the smallest (thus far) of the piglets and the most expensive. The Micro Minis are by far the most popular and certainly what you see the most of on TV, in news reports, and on the Internet.

All sales are final, but we will certainly take into account any and all circumstances and will rectify the problem in most instances. We want happy parents around the globe.

Please complete our “no obligation” pre-adoption form to pre-qualify for adopting a beautiful Teacup Pig or Micro Mini Piglet.

Once you complete the pre-questionnaire, we will be in touch to help you through the entire adoption process.