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How Much Are Your Piglets at Teacuppigsforsale.com

teacup pigs FAQOur least expensive teacup pigs are in the 20lb range at adult weight and start at around $2500.00. They increase in price with certain colors and the more expensive and smaller teacup pigs are called “Pocket Nanos”, which are less than 20 lbs and some of the smallest the world has ever seen. Pocket Nanos, are truly amazing and Top Out at adult weight at 15-20lbs. Please keep in mind these are exotic teacup pigs that are very small, stay small, and live 12-18 years. Teacup pigs are an ideal pet for families of any size. We do have payment plans in place that can help with your purchase of a new micro mini.

More Explanation on Tea cup Pigs and Adoption

The Pocket Nanos are the most expensive, and are the smallest teacup pigs available in the world today, topping out at about 15-20lbs adult weight. Some of these were born weighing only 7 ounces. They range from $2500 – $3500

The Nanos are in the 20lb range and they are anywhere from $1500-$2500. They also come with a weight guarantee, as do all the micro minis you see on teacuppigsforsale.com

What’s The Weight Guarantee on Teacup Pigs ?

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We guarantee that your new teacup pig will be in the exact weight class that you purchased him or her in at 24 months of age. We do however require that you communicate his or her weight to us each month, provide proper feeding for your micro mini per our recommendations of 12% protein grain mix and using your micro minis body weight to determine how much too feed him or her each day. If at any time we believe that he or she is being overfed, we may require photos of your micro mini to observe. We will honor the guarantee in the event you have done everything to maintain your teacup pigs weight per our recommendations and if her or she is 7-10 lbs. over his or her ideal weight, then we will refund the difference of that weight class. This can be anywhere from $500 to $1000. We do not provide for replacement, since it’s very unlikely after 24 months that a parent would want to give up their micro mini for another.

What’s The Teacup Pigs Health Guarantee ?

We will replace any teacup pigs sold to any new parent that is determined to have a congenital or hereditary defect that has caused long-term sickness or death of your micro mini for up to 12 months. We do require a necropsy exam to determine the cause of death, or a certified exam by a licensed veterinarian to determine the cause of the sickness.

How does shipping work, and how long before I get my new Teacup Pig ?


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Most of the shipping is performed by Continental Petsafe and is free to our new parents in the Domestic U.S. If the need arises for Delta, when Continental is not available, then the shipping cost remains the same. We do not spay or neuter the teacup pigs until the full purchase price is received and has cleared our bank. At that time we determine if the teacup pig is ready for spay or neuter, or the required weight he/she needs to be to safely neuter or spay. Often this is anywhere from 7-12 weeks, depending on the size of the micro mini. Many of the smaller Nanos an Pocket Nanos must gain weight to safely neuter/spay. Once your teacup pig comes back from the vet, gets a couple days rest, then has the stitches removed, he or she is likely ready to ship with 5-10 days. When you pick up your teacup pig from the airport, you will need to go to Continentals Air Freight Dept for pickup. Your name will already be on the list.

Can I Get A Tea Cup Pig If I Live In An Apartment ?


Under normal circumstances no, not unless your apartment is large enough to accommodate a teacup pig and you have a fenced yard. You must provide a new micro mini with a suitable area both inside and outside your apartment. New potential parents living in an apartment must get prior approval from us by phone to adopt one of our teacup pigs. These are our requirements and simply make for a more stable and comfortable environment for a the teacup pigs. We make no distinction about renting or owning a home. Also, you must talk to your local authorities, animal control, city council or some other govt agency to ensure that your allowed to have a micro mini within their city or county limits.

Can I Setup A Payment Plan for a Pig?

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Yes, you can. We require 18% of the purchase price the remainder not exceeding 6 months from the first payment. You would be required to fulfill this obligation, as there will be no refund of any money. We do not spay or neuter the teacup pigs until all payments are made in full, so your micro mini will not go out until all payments have been received and the spay/neuter is complete. We cannot guarantee that Continental will not raise its ticket pricing, so you are responsible for any additional price increases that the airlines charges us to ship you teacup pigs after your payment plan is completed. So far, we have been able to keep the shipping free to our Domestic U.S. Customers.

Can You Ship Teacup Miniatures Overseas or Canada?

Yes. The shipping varies overseas, but Canada, with the required paperwork, blood test, fecal test, microchip and USDA export certificate is currently about $850 more than the current price of the tea cup pig price on our website. Some of these tests and paperwork can take 2-4 weeks to get back before shipping can be completed. All essential paperwork and tests must be paid for in advance before shipping of the teacup pigs take place. We pay for what the U.S. Domestic shipping would normally cost, and the new parent pays the difference for shipping of their teacup pig to their particular country.


What Is The “Adult Weight” Size Of These Pigs?


Pocket Nanos 20lbs or less

Nanos 21-29lbs


How Much To Ship a Pig?


Shipping of any of the micro minis on teacuppigsforsale.com is now included in the price if you are located anywhere in the Continental U.S.(this does not include Hawaii) This makes for great opportunity to adopt/purchase a micro mini today, since we previously charged $375 for shipping domestically.

How Hard Are They to Take Care Of ?


Teacup pigs are relatively easy, especially since they can be litter box trained, come to you partially litter box trained, and are the fourth smartest animal on the planet. Can be leash trained, they can be crate trained, they can also be trained to be a good lap pet or spend time with you on the couch.

What Do They Eat ?


We suggest (and require if you ever feel the need to take advantage of the weight guarantee) that you feed your micro mini a 12% protein grain mix available at most feed stores where you would buy feed for horses, goats etc.
You feed them 1-2% of their body weight each day only, so all portions should be weighed and your micro mini should be weighed regularly. some fruits ( in moderation) and vegetable are okay, but only as part of that 1-2% body weight feeding each day, so anything extra must be included.

Where Is Teacup Pigs For Sale Located?


Teacup Pigs For Sale is located in Northern California.

Can I Come See A Teacup Piglet in Person?


We currently do not provide visitation to the breeding ranch, as it is only staffed with a single maintenance person who does not have time in his busy schedule to show you around. This may change in the future, but currently we only provide shipping via United Petsafe to your nearest major airport.

How Do I Get Pre-Approved to Adopt a Pig?


Please fill out our pre-adoption form in order to get approved as a new parent within 1-2 hours of submission of your information. All information you provide is held with the utmost concern for your privacy. We never share your information with anyone.

What Is The Procedure For Purchasing A Teacup Pig ?


Once you have determined that you want and can care for a new micro mini, and have selected one in the left hand column of the site (the names) we will verify that he/she is still available.

We can then send you an adoption contract in which we require your signature within 1 business day, as we usually have a courtesy hold on your micro mini. (We do not put micro minis in adoption status without a signed contract and payment) The teacup pig adoption contract has our business wire information on the face of the contract so you can wire funds directly to our bank in California. (per our preference, we can accept a personal or business check, but funds must clear our bank and your bank before a neuter or spay appointment will be made with the Vet, this can delay your shipping and arrival time for your teacup pig)
At this time we accept all major credit cards for deposits only.
Your new teacup pigs then gets scheduled for a spay/neuter and vet checkup, then once approved for shipping by the vet, is shipped to you to your nearest major airport using United Petsafe. Delta is available if United does not service your major airport.