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Why Are Teacup Pigs For Sale So Different?

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All our teacup pigs and micro pigs come with a vet checkup with approved release for shipping, care package, 40+ pages of care recommendations and guidelines and Free United PetSafe shipping (domestic U.S.) The price is all-inclusive, we don’t charge you for extras. You may decide ship on Delta for no traditional charge, or in the event Continental Petsafe does not fly into your closest major airport. All of our miniature teacup pigs com with an adult weight, health, and peace of mind guarantee. Bonding and Integration support, and Lifetime Assistance via Phone and Email. You may elect to adopt one of our teacup pigs or miniature pigs intact for a breeder at the breeding price. The intact/breeder price does not include airfare, crate or travel of our teacup pigs.

Only Adult Weight Guarantee On Teacup Pigs

weight guarantee Weight Guarantee

The best thing about this warranty, is you have teacuppigsforsale.com behind it. You can be rest assured, were going to be here year after year, not a so-called teacup pigs breeder selling their teacup pigs in the classified ads, only to disappear and disconnect their phone a month later!

Teacup Pigs Full One Year Health Guarantee


We will provide you with a full refund in the event that one of our micro minis is either diagnosed or expires from a Congenital or Hereditary Defect with his/her first year of life with you. In the event of death, a Necropsy report from your Vet will be required, and will be paid for by the parent.

The new parent’s satisfaction is extremely important to us. We are always looking at ways to improve our service and customer satisfaction and welcome your comments and suggestions. Please contact us to tell us how we can improve teacup pigs for sale.