Micro Pigs from Teacuppigsforsale.com

micro mini can Micro Pigs from Teacuppigsforsale.com


  1. JaffaCakesAnonymous says:

    i am considering in …
    i am considering in buying one.

  2. capybara7 says:

    Very cute and …
    Very cute and adorable little piglets

  3. ashley ballinger says:

    i want a mini pig and they want pull up pics or prices so let me know there the cutest thangs!!!!!!!!!

  4. karen says:

    Are these pigs for sale in the U.S.? If so, who can I contact to purchase ?

  5. shayla says:

    I wish i could get one

  6. h.fehgl says:

    they are adorable are any more avalible

  7. Brittnay says:

    They are soooooo cute! How much?

  8. mindy says:

    I am looking for two micro minis to purcase. I would love more info.

  9. Kate Laney says:

    I want one so badly!!! where can I buy one

  10. Chris Mason says:

    I am very interested in these little pigs,but need some information. Which
    breed grows to be the smallest? Do they have many health
    Issues? Do they require any special foods and do they get immunization s
    Like a dog would get? Is there a guarantee of something
    Should happen? Last, but not least, what is the price on teacup and micro mini pigs?


  11. valerie says:

    They are so adorable i want one tell me how much they are..

  12. valerie says:

    tell me when there is any available…..

  13. Randy says:

    Tea-Cup Pigs or Mirco Pigs aree the CUTEST things I’ve ever seeen!;D

  14. Reaghen says:

    Who Do You Contact To Get/Buy A Micro Pig?

  15. Julianna says:

    I’m looking to buy a miniature pig. I won’t show the price of this pig so let me know!!! :)

  16. Courtney says:

    I am interested in buying a pig but I have some questions
    like how big do they get? how much are they? and I live in Toronto can I still get one?

  17. roger migliaccio says:

    we are intereseted in purchasing a tea cup pig or two and where wondering what the cost is and where to find them.

  18. Ciera. says:

    How much are they? My mom and i are looking for a small piglet.

  19. Ezequiel Beitia says:

    I want to buy a couple… is it posible?

  20. Moe says:

    Do you have teacup pigs for sale in Ohio ? I would not want to stress out the little guy even before he gets here, I would prefer to pick him out and take him home with me. Could anyone tell me the closest place to purchase a micro-mini close to Cleveland, Ohio that I could come and purchase?

  21. erica says:

    i want to get one were do you get one at or how can i get one

  22. MADILYNN says:


  23. tj bridges says:

    i really would like one but i was wondering where to get one and how much they are? I would like to get one for christmas for the family so if you would just let me know i would really apperciate it.
    thank you from a pig lover

  24. JIMMY DOYLE says:

    would like to become a certifide breeder.

  25. elizabeth says:


  26. I am seriously interested in a micro mini or tea cup pet pig. I am a dog breeder and show dogs and would love to have one of these pigs just as our house pet. Please let me know How I can purchase one-i am very anxious to get one, we had a house fire last august and lost all of our animals and we are just starting back over and I would love the little pig to call my buddie and house mate. please let me know ASAP. the little pig will grow up with our pups and be with the dogs and treated the same. will have his/her own pen, thanks you maggie emmell

  27. Lia says:

    These little pigs are the qutest thing in the world

  28. Kennedy says:

    awee, they’re so cute. i want to buy one so, please contact me so i can get some more information. (:

  29. Jessica says:

    It took some convincing, but i finally got my mother to agree on getting a micro-mini, but who would i contact to get one?

  30. chelsea grounds says:

    I want a micro mini pig they are so cute and adorable!!! i want information onhow to buy one and who to contact!! im very intrested these little guys are so adoble!!!

  31. naomi says:

    omg they r sooooooooo cute me and my mom both want 1 but my dad not so much . i have a lot of questions about them …like how big do they get can you potty train them can u teach them how to sit and what do they eat also about how much will it cost . thanks so much please contact me with this info bey.

  32. ;) says:

    how much are they? and how big do they get?

  33. patricia says:

    hey how much are the little ones

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