Micro Pigs Irresistibly Cute and Cuddly

2 Micro Pigs Irresistibly Cute and Cuddly

Duration : 0:0:51

[youtube -DZOKCIsuIo]


  1. jojolovesferrets says:

    how old? is it …
    how old? is it fully grown? soooooooooooooooo cute:Dxx

  2. happyfreakz says:

    Too Cute. I can’t …
    Too Cute. I can’t wait to get mine.
    Post more info bout him!

  3. chastity says:

    I really wanna buy one I had one when i was 15 i am 33 now they are pretty great pets..

  4. dallas says:

    so cuite how old and much

  5. julie dunn says:

    isit a girl or boy i would love to have it my kid wants one like it for her birthday

  6. mckenzie says:

    omg soo cute how much is it

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