Miniature Pigs

We can certainly tell you what “they are not” so you know that our miniature pigs are the one and only true miniature micropig!


Miniacertified Miniature Pigsture Pigs, Not Potbelly Pigs

We don’t adopt out potbelly miniature pigs. In fact, we do not even suggest a potbelly pig for you. Why Not? Well a potbelly pig is by no means what were

looking to achieve in any way. Sure their cute, but do you want a “so called” miniature pig like a potbelly when the potbelly industry has done nothing but lied to their adoptive parents about how big their pets would eventually be, then miss that mark by as much as 150 lbs?

With teacup pigs for sale, we have decided that rather than facilitate a lie, we were going to go for something

entirely different. We breed true miniature pigs known as a micropig, or teacup miniature, or nano pig.

What Makes Our Miniature Pigs So Different at

Not only does this miniature pig come in two different very small variations, Pocket Nanos (15-20 lbs), Nanos (21-29 lbs.) but were the only website we know of that will actually back up those claims in writing. That’s right, ask around, and you’ll find that those claiming they have a miniature pig

choc striped pocket display 200x130 Miniature Pigs

, a miniature potbelly pig, a truly small pig, are not even willing to backup that claim with a guarantee? What does this mean for you, the prospective new parent? It means you will find that if you adopt a micropig, a miniature pig, you are likely to end up with a pig that will be 50-75 lbs more than the weight that breeder is telling you it is. Think of it this way, what do they possibly have to lose. They can advertise miniature pigs, then get your business, and not be around in 6-12 months when your micropig begins to gain many, many pounds. If they are around, they will make up an excuse such as “well we promised that weight, but you don’t have that in writing from us”?

weight guarantee 200x152 Miniature Pigs

True Size Guarantee on Miniature Micropigs –

Here at, we will give you the only true weight guarantee available today specifying the exact projected weight of our miniature pigs. Do we require a strict diet? Yes we do. Do we require that you follow our feeding guidelines to maintain a healthy weight for our Pocket Nanos ? Yes of course we do. Are we going to be here 6 months, 1 year or even two years to backup our guarantee? yes, we most absolutely will. This is because we believe in miniature pigs, their continued development, and we are doing amazing things in the “pig world”. Providing the most amazing and intelligent domesticated miniature pigs available anywhere, backed by our health and weight guarantees, and lifetime support for the very long lifespan of 12-18 years of age!