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twomicros Make An Offer
While much of the pricing on teacup pigs for sale is determined by demand in the market for these exceptionally small micro mini pigs, we do have some room for movement in price adjustments and discounted pricing. We have already accepted offers that were 5% – 25% lower than the listing price on the website, so it pays to “make an offer”, as you won’t know if we’ll accept it until you try.

If you have your heart set on the world’s smallest miniature pigs, then simply contact us and make a reasonable offer. Please state the micro minis piglets name and what your willing to pay for him or her in the contact form and we’ll do our best to accommodate that offer and get you the micropig of your dreams!

We look at every offer and and we may even contact you and renegotiate your offer in order for us help you realize the experience of becoming a new parent of one of these amazing animals.