Kendall Schmidt Of Big Time Rush with’s Yuma


Kendall Schmidt of Big Time Rush, the boy band that is touring the country and also has the popular show that started their TV career on Nickelodeon, along with his brother Kevin adopted this beautiful teacup pig from us in 2012.   Yuma comes from one of our fantastic breeding lines and is very popular […]

Teacup Pigs For Pets | Tea Cup Pigs As Pets


Often when people go looking for teacup pigs for sale, they find indiscriminate breeders who are only looking to sell very large teacup pigs as very small micro pigs that are young and will grow much, much heavier. One of the most important pieces of paper you can get from a teacup pigs breeder is a […]

Teacup Pigs As Pets

Experiencing teacup pigs as pets is a great way to understand just how special this exotic animal is and how they make a superior pet over a feline or canine.

Parker Solid White Teacup Pig


Parker is a solid white male teacup mini piglet born on 5-9-10 to a micro mini boar and a teacup sow. He is projected to be a small teacup at 60 to 65 pounds when fully grown. Guaranteed. Parker – $1200 Now $950 (Save $250) Shipping Included (U.S. Domestic) **Shipping to anywhere within the States […]

Alvin Solid White Teacup Pig


Alvin is a solid white, flashy male teacup mini piglet. He has some very faint silver freckles. His mother is a white and silver teacup sow. Alvin was born in April 2010. He is projected to be 65 pounds when fully grown by 2 years of age Guaranteed. Alvin $1165 Now $950 (Save $215) Shipping […]

Teacup Pigs May Not Have Something for Everyone


  Teacup pigs are hitting the news these days much like the craze that went on with the pot-bellied pigs some years ago. But, unlike that fad,these new smaller and i must admit, a bit more adorable descendant of the pot belly pigs seem to have quite a bit more appeal and their popularity looks […]

Teacup Pigs Born at Scottish Zoo


  Cute teacup piglets – which are the size of a teacups when born – are the latest attraction at a Scottish zoo. The unusual animals are known as “micro minis” or  miniature pigs and at only two weeks old can easily fit into a mug. This particular breed of pig only grows to between […]

Teacup Pigs New Found Popularity

teacup pigs

Recent news and events have somehow cast the smaller pig known as a micro pig and teacup pigs into the spotlight lately. All of a sudden there is a ginormous demand for these cute little critters, and it seems we have hundred of inquiries a day regarding them here at teacup pigs for sale. I […]