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Often when people go looking for teacup pigs for sale, they find indiscriminate breeders who are only looking to sell very large teacup pigs as very small micro pigs that are young and will grow much, much heavier. One of the most important pieces of paper you can get from a teacup pigs breeder is a written weight guarantee.

The real question is “What is a micro pig?”  The term teacup pig was coined by enthusiastic shutter bugs who circulated pictures of baby micro pigs. Weighing only a fraction of a pound at birth, a 3 – 5 day old piglet can fit into a large teacup, hence the term “teacup pigs”. These cute little piglets will grow to the size of a small-sized dog in about 2 years. An adult size micro pig is about knee-high at 12 – 16 inches and weighs 15-30 lbs. The micro pig is a mixture of 4 breeds of pigs – Potbellied, Tamworth, Kune Kune and Gloucester Old Spot.

teacup pigs fors sale as pets Teacup Pigs For Pets | Tea Cup Pigs As Pets

Are Teacup Pigs a Good Pet?

  1. Unlike popular myth, the micro pigs are very clean because they can be litter box trained in a few days.
  2. Like their canine friends, micro pigs are intelligent. They can learn various tricks.
  3. Micro pigs loved to be loved, are highly social and loyal to their owners.
  4. A fur allergy sufferers’ friend because their skin composition is similar to humans and they have hair, not fur.
  5. They bond very well with dogs and cats.
  6. They do not have fleas.

Teacup Pigs For Adoption

  1. They can become very destructive if left alone for any length of time.
  2. Like children, everything goes in their mouth. Your home needs to be ‘pig proofed’. For example, pigs can open cupboards.
  3. Many kennels are not equipped to provide quality care the the pet pig. An alternative is to make sure someone can move in and care for your pig while you are away.
  4. Find a vet before getting the pig to make sure they are qualified to care for pigs. You may not have a vet available who knows how to treat micro pigs.
  5. You need to be aware of your local laws – you need to be registered to keep ‘livestock’ and you may need to be zoned to keep farm animals.

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If you are considering buying a teacup pig, do your homework and be prepared for the kind of attention that your pet will need. If you choose to become a teacup pig owner, you will be rewarded with an intelligent, affectionate, and loving pet.

Is Teacup Micro Pet Pigs The Right Pet For Me?

Only a responsible (or potential) pet teacup pig should answer that question. This a very long commitment to sharing your life with a tea cup piglet. The task of being a new tea cup piggies owner should never be taken lightly.


Now the dream is possible. You can order your teacup pig from teacuppigsforsale.com today and receive him/her in about 10-14 days. All shipping is free in the U.S. and were the only one’s that will provide a true weight guarantee, otherwise we’ll rebate you money based on the pig’s difference in weight at both 1 year, and 2 years.



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