Teacup Pigs As Pets

Teacup pigs as pets are quickly becoming the pet of choice here in the United States. Many people around the world now realize that the pig is a very intelligent animal and should not suffer a life of overfeeding and slaughter.

 Miniature pigs were originally bred smaller for laboratory testing, because they were easier to handle, took up far less space, and did not eat as much. For these reasons, they soon became popular as pets. These smart, friendly creatures are adorable, and can be easily house trained. They are also surprisingly clean animals, and can be enjoyable pets for a family. If you are looking for a pet that is unusual, but also well-behaved, then you may want to look into the possibility of having a miniature pig.
A teacup pigs life expectancy can be a problem for some. It means over a decade of care and loving to a single animal. Some parents may end up taking care of a micropig for several years after there kids are in college. Never forget that teacup pigs full grown are far larger than their baby pictures will show.
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Image by steveevets via Flickr

Pigs can be quite good as pets, because of their sweet, docile and intelligent character. Aside from that, they may be trained easily and therefore are neat and non-allergenic too. However, they may be aggressive and damage things, when they’re bored or feeling hungry. For those who have enough space for accommodating a teacup pig, you are able to proceed using its adoption. To begin with, check whether it’s legal to boost a pig as pet in your soul area. If it’s permitted, speak to a reputed breeder, that has such pigs available. Many people choose sanitized teacup pigs. As pigs are social creatures, they require buddies. For those who have other creatures, just one piglet is going to be sufficient. Otherwise, choose pairs. Use a dog kennel having a soft mattress for that piglet to rest. They require exercise, so give them enough room to experience. It will likely be smart to create a small pool, with anti-skin mats towards the bottom. Make certain the level can be the very first leg-joint from the pig. They enjoy playing in water or just awesome off within the pool. They shouldn’t be permitted to experience outdoors, when the sunlight is harsh. Light-skinned piglets may develop sunburns. Feed teacup pigs with raw fruits and veggies. They require clean and fresh water and grass too, but, meat or meat items aren’t whatsoever permitted. However, a vet can present you with more particulars about teacup pig care….More at Teacup Pigs – yc4535idbm
The teacup pigs lifespan is from 12-18 years of age, but of course your mileage will vary depending on care, treatment and diet.
Much to this man’s surprise in this video, there actually is a teacup pig available as a miniature pet. This is the reaction of many that see the micropig out on the town.

Teacup pigs are becoming ever more popular, especially with younger girls in age groups 6-12 years of age, but teacup pigs make great pets for just about anyone looking for a great pet with lots of charisma.


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