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Micro Minis are the smallest of the piglets we feature and sell  here on  Teacuppigsforsale.com. They are 40 lbs and under once fully grown at around 18 to 24 months of age. Micro Minis, on rare occasions can be as small as 15 lbs. The smaller a micro mini pig is, the more expensive they usually are. We now call these very small Nanos called Pocket Nanos. The larger the pig is as an adult, the less expensive they usually are as in the case of the Teacup Pigs. Micro Mini Pocket Nanos are the smallest size category of the miniature pigs currently available here on Teacuppigsforsale.com.

This is not a potbelly pig. We combine different breeds and bloodlines for a particular look and size. Micros typically top out at no more than 40 lbs.when grown by 24 months of age. They can also be much smaller, have many different color schemes, spots, etc. that either make them more desirable to the general public. Obviously, we are dealing here with supply and demand.

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Teacup Minis are bigger than the miniature pigs known as the micros and their weight range is between 60 and 100 pounds when fully grown at 2 years. Their growth rate is twice that of a Micro Mini.

A Teacup is at least 75 lbs as an adult, so if a breeder is advertising Micro Minis at that weight, then they are describing a Teacup, and not a Micro Mini.  You certainly do not want to purchase a full potbelly pig as a piglet, as these are small when born but quickly grow to well over 150 lbs. in early adult life. We are the only true “micro mini” site in existence today that is willing to backup our claims with a full weight guarantee, which will protect you and give you “piece of mind”.

Learning about these unique animals makes Adoption much easier, and you won’t be disappointed with the results. Finding the right piglet to become your newest family member and cherished friend will be a wonderful experience. The more time and effort you train and teach your piglet, the more they will learn from you and amaze you in all they can do.

Please  have a fenced yard for your new family member. Check your neighborhood or city animal code zoning and ensure you can legally have a pet such as this in your community. Its best to have gentle canines and felines for living and playing with your Miniature Piglet so they remain safe at all times.

If your interested in adopting a teacup pig or simply want more information, then  fill out our “no obligation” adoption questionnaire.