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The teacup pig has only truly been “on the scene” here in the states for about 3 years. There were several teacup breeders who were working on getting the teacup pigs smaller in size, but it took a “Today Show” article to make the teacup pig a household reference and create a huge demand within the United States. There are several things that any potential new parent should do in order to properly care for and house a teacup pig.

Concerns When Considering A Teacup Pig –  Teacuppigsforsale.com

The biggest concern with the teacup pig is having enough space to keep them. Even though they are small, they tend to need both and inside and outside space. It never hurts to let your micro pig have some time to graze in the grass in the backyard and get some sun an fresh air. Also, exercise is important, so you want to make sure you have some space for him to run in. Now don’t get too concerned if you have minimal space. If you’re a responsible teacup pig pet owner, you can take him to a park, take him for walks, or make an effort to get him the exercise he needs, even if you don’t have a backyard. The idea of exercise may seem a bit odd for a pig, but its an essential part of keeping him healthy and happy.

Feeding Teacup Pigs

Just as important as having the ability to exercise your teacup pig, is the proper care and feeding of this exotic animal. What people often don’t realize about the teacup pig is they don’t have any idea when their actually full. Unlike you and I who have a mechanism in the brain that says “I’m full”, the teacup pig can eat until there is nothing left of the food in front of him. You can imagine what problems this will cause if he got a hold of a bag of dog food or got access to the cupboards in your kitchen. The excessive eating and weight gain is the last thing you want for your teacup pig. An overweight teacup pig can have all kinds of complications with overeating including diabetes, the inability to exercise, obesity and premature death. Teacup Pigs For Sale believes in a regimented diet, and we can help you maintain a happy and healthy teacup pig that will live for years to come.