Teacuppigsforsale.com – Testimonials

Thank you so much for everything. Getting the pig from you was a very smooth process and you sent him to me when you said without a hitch. I also appreciate the fact that you kept me informed every step of the way and made contact with me after I received him to make sure all was well. The bonding instructions really helped me a lot and got me prepared before he arrived.

As for the pig *named Oinko Cinco*, he is one very smart little piggy. I didn’t have to litter box train him, he knew exactly what to do. He also goes outside to use the restroom-no accidents in the house. He hangs out with my dog in the back yard and sleeps with my cats. He knows when it’s bed time, sleeps all through the night and during the day follows me like a little pup. I am so thankful I purchased him from you and appreciate all you have done.

Thank you,

Amy Thayer Chandler, AZ


Teacuppigsforsale.com is an amazing place to get your pig if your thinking of getting one. I adopted one about 2 months ago. His name is Macallister. I got him on the 1st of July and have now had him for a month. He is alot of work but he is so worth everything! I was updated all the time about how Macallister was doing and even got some pictures in the month that I did not have him.

I always had a lot of questions and Tracy was available through email and over the phone all the time. When I received Macallister the breeder of the pigs called me and emailed me to let me know that he was the one I could go to now that I have my pig, but Tracy was still available. The breeder is so friendly and so helpful. He is also always available through email and phone. When I decided to get a pig I researched everywhere trying to find the best price and best breeders. When I came across teacuppigsforsale.com I knew it was the right choice.

They have a lifetime guarantee which none of the other breeders did. There were no hidden costs, it might seem a bit more pricy then others but you get what you pay for. The other websites prices were just for the pig, that’s not including plane fair, neutering, and almost none of them included lifetime support. teacuppigsforsale.com is upfront and they put everything that your paying for on the website so you know. It was a pleasure working with these people and this website. They still have so many adorable pigs that you can adopt. I am even considering getting another one! They are wonderful pets, you will not regret it.

Ciara  Kinsey, Montana

We adopted Jonah nano teacup, mid June and just wanted to send you a note of thanks for helping us find the perfect addition to our family.  I am grateful for all the time you took to address my numerous questions, your knowledge and patience gave me the confidence to ensure an easy transition.

He is so sweet and wonderful, and has settled right in. My youngest daughter Haley has adopted him as her own; she spends every waking moment with him.  Haley dug out her sleeping bag and made a bed up on her floor so the two of them could sleep together, she did not want him falling off her bed.

Thanks again,

Dawn  R. California

Eugene is doing well, everyone loves him to death!  He is completely pot trained, walks on a leash and plays games! His fear of the car has passed and he sits like a big boy in the back seat!  We do our best to keep him to a strict diet however Eugene has made a lot of friends and sneaks of to meet them-  he is currently 30 pounds and is going to see the vet next month!  He walked in his first cancer walk and is looking forward to celebrating his first Halloween!

Danielle A.

We are enjoying him as a new addition to our family….Susannah K.

Wanted you to know that Mika, arrived safely to Pittsburgh and our home Friday night.  She is a pretty girl with a sweet face. Today she ate breakfast from my hand and allowed some petting. She’s even been wagging her tail more and more which I read means a happy piggy.

Steff H.

He made it safe and sound. And he’s settling in beautifully. He’s gorgeous!!
Thanks so much.

Sabrina W.

Emerson had his 6 month checkup today. he is 6 lb 15 oz and in perfect health. what great news! he’s a Tony precious miracle who is doing great. Thanks always,

Mel and Em